Co. Storch
Creative Consultant
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Network & Chill is a series of business casual events that took Ad 2 Tampa Bay of out of bars and into real agencies' doors for our own happy hours and twist on networking.


Network & Chill

For Ad 2 Tampa Bay’s advertising members, the AdSocials at public restaurants and bars had become less desirable and valuable. To redefine membership value, we created the Network & Chill campaign, which included a series of events taken out of bars and into real agencies' doors for our own twist on networking.

I was able to collaborate with local businesses to make these events completely free for members. Shout out to Tessa Forest and Anushka van Huyssteen for their iconic, well-received logo that kept each of our agency’s custom RSVP page we designed on brand.


1. August AdSocial

Agency: Harbr Co. (now Sister Agency)

Food: Pipo's To Go

Drinks: New Belgium Brewing Co.

Activity: Art gallery by Pep Ralley Inc.

Photography: José Lopez

2. September AdSocial

Agency: 22squared

Food: Heights Pizza

Drinks: 3 Daughters Brewing

Activity: A keg that tweets every time you pull its beer tap

Photography: José Lopez

3. October AdSocial

Agency: Company Man Studios

Food: Sally O'Neals Pizza

Drinks: 3 Daughters Brewing and Pipo's To Go

Activity: Halloween costume contest

Photography: José Lopez


4. November AdSocial

Agency: Sparxoo

Food: Publix

Drinks: Yuengling Brewing

Activity: Brainstorming a new brand identity for Harbour Island client

Photography: José Lopez

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