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Creative Consultant
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Open-forum discussions on diversity, reinforced by subject matter experts and local business partners that bring to life each event's theme of unity.



It was timely to create a professional series that enabled us to discuss topics of diversity and unity. Breaking through the status quo of panels, I worked with the not-for-profit organization, Ad 2 Tampa Bay, to start a new community series that opened the forum for everyone to have a voice in the room.

Each event was prompted by a specific topic and all promotions, influencers, subject matter experts and local business partners were then chosen to enhance that unique theme. Consistently, we were able to produce well-attended, engaging and empowering spaces for unalike people to discuss sensitive, but serious matters.


1. UNDIVIDED ╱ Women

Atmosphere: Bandit Coffee Co.

Food: Craft Kafe

Drinks: Green Bench Brewing

Décor: ARTpool Gallery

Design: drift.

Moderator: Bridge + Bloom

Photography: José Lopez

Size: 43 attendees

"It was a great topic, and the male support and insight was very welcome. The open forum was encouraging because of shared experience." 

— Survey Response

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2. UNDIVIDED ╱ Proud

Atmosphere: Station House

Food: Punky's Bar & Grill

Agency Partner & Signature Drink: BrainChild Branding, "The Stonewall"

Design: Leny Santana

Moderator: Marti Martin

Photography: José Lopez

Size: 37 attendees

"Overall, I loved it and thought it was an awesome chapter in the UNDIVIDED series. Can't wait for the next."

— Survey Response

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3. UNDIVIDED ╱ America

Brunch & Atmosphere: Iberian Rooster

Agency Partner: Pinstripe Marketing

Content: Mouzel Manugas

Photography: José Lopez

Size: 22 attendees

Results: 100% of respondents said they would recommend UNDIVIDED to a friend or colleague.

UNDIVIDED America People